Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Catwalk Cow brownies mix

Most of the people living in Dubai would always talk about  Catwalk Cow  and how delicious it is ! and most importantly the fact that its made out of natural ingredients and the 103 calories per serving.

 I always wanted to try it but the directions says add 150g of skimmed yogurt so i was confused weather it was Greek yogurt or regular ( marrai , marrmom ) skimmed yogurt.

so i tweeted them and email them asking them on what to use and they responded immediately and they shared some helpful tips to !

so it turns out to be regular marrai yogurt the 170g  just add the whole thing to the mixture (with the water on top )

And u will end up with the most delicious moist brownie ever you would wish all ready cake mixes where made with natural ingredients.

for any questions email or tweet them !

Yamanote Atelier

one of my new favorite places to dine and chill with friends and family is at AL Wasel Square Complex.

Today i decided to try Yamanote Atelier a Japanese bakery that just opened and everyone in dubai is buzzing about .
Before going i called them to make sure they had everything but sadly by the time i got there  they ran out of the only thing i wanted to try which was the green tea scones. 

I tried :
curry Bun 
crispy croissant dough 
sugar twist roll 
the long milk dough filled with milk cream 

i must say all what i tried tasted delicious ! 

Contact them :
TEL:04 388 1811
Instagram: yamanoteatelier 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mint Guru

Hello All , 

This is my first post .

 More about me : 
I love Food 
I love Fashion 
I love Art 
I love Health 
I love the Color Mint 
I love  Dubai 
I love Life 
I love trying new things
I love challenges
I love crafts 
I try to have a earth friendly lifestyle
I am addicted to youtube 

On this blog i will share what i love to do :)